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Choosing the right material for your Fireplace

Are you considering using stone for your fireplace but aren’t sure which material is best suited for it? It can be tricky since quartz and granite both have different properties. And with the availability of marble and porcelain it makes it that much harder to decide. People often wonder if they can use quartz to wrap that fireplace and the answer is it depends. Are you using a gas fireplace or electric fireplace?

If you’ve decided on an electric fireplace, granite, quartz, marble or porcelain would all be suitable. The heat from an electric fireplace won’t be enough to affect any of the stone. However if you’re using a gas fireplace then quartz would not be recommended. Since it is engineered stone, it's prone to burning at high temperatures. So what should you use?

Granite, marble or porcelain is ideal for a gas fireplace. The natural tendencies in granite and marble make it perfect to withstand the heat produced from your gas fireplace. Porcelain is created by being heated in a kiln at high temperatures which makes it extremely heat resistant and a great fit. If you want thinner material wrapped around your fireplace, we recommend porcelain because it comes in 6mm or 12mm but if you prefer a more natural look then go with granite or marble.

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