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At Stone Gallery, we do not outsource fabrication or installation. We have our team of specialists from start to finish to ensure the highest quality of products. We have state of the art technology, most notably our CNC Fusion Waterjet, CNC Master series, and Laser templator. It ensures precision and accuracy throughout the entire process while reducing turnaround time.

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Estimate and Quotation

Blueprints can be sent to us or we can visit your home for an estimation. We'll then schedule you into our showroom where our experienced designers will help you decide on stone and edging profiles.

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Next is templating, our templating specialists will visit your home and get an accurate measure of the entire space taking into consideration of narrow spots, entrances, and if any piece will require a seam. At this time please have your desired sinks and faucets ready, (if not ours) we will be bringing the sinks back to the facility to ensure the proper cut out and holes are drilled before installation.

Production and Fabrication

After templating, we’ll have the measurements sent to our production and fabrication facility where production will begin. The sink hole will be cut out with our Waterjet machine and faucet holes will be drilled by our craftsman. The selected profile will be polished by our specialists and carefully inspected by our quality control team before loaded on to vehicles for installation.

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Lastly, installation. We’ll set up a time at your convenience for installation and our team of professional installers will install all countertops and handle any removals (if discussed). We’ll install the sinks on-site and ensure that any seams are virtually unnoticeable.

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