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Proper Maintenance of Granite Countertops

Haven chosen granite countertops you've proabably fallen in love with its natural tendencies and unique look. Proper treatment of your granite countertops is essential in ensuring that they last a lifetime.

To keep your countertops looking brand new here are some key maintenance tips. Granite countertops are porous, meaning they are more likely to absorb liquids and cause stains, but there's no need to worry! Granite countertops require resealing yearly but we recommend applying sealer to your granite countertops once every six months. This will ensure your countertops are protected and keep them looking brand new!

Any spills should be cleaned immediately, while pots and pans shouldn't be left on the counter for prolonged periods. Countertops can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap for regular maintence or with our countertop cleaner for tougher spots. Our cleaner is made specifically to clean any sticky or grimy substances while revitalizing the countertops shine.

Our cleaning kit is equipped with a granite sealer, countertop cleaner, and cloth to make your cleaning procedure as easy as possible!

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